Bwwlistens – Win $5 Off Coupon

Bwwlistens – Buffalo Wild Wings is an American fast food and sports bar chain best known for its famous buffalo chicken wings and sauces.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Bwwlistens – Win $5 Off Coupon

The Fast-food chain offers a customer satisfaction survey on The survey comes with an additional benefit of coupon discounts at the store for the survey.

takers at the end of it. Here is step-by-step know-how of how to take the survey for Buffalo Wild Wings and win discounts.

How To Take This Survey

To take the survey, one needs to first have a receipt from any Buffalo Wild Wings store in order to take part in the survey.

Then, go to the page and choose the language to take the survey. After making the choice, the page will ask for things like the store id and then the 16 digit survey id printed on the receipt.

If the receipt does not have the survey id printed on it, enter the receipt number printed on the receipt to proceed.

After this, the main survey questions will appear on the screen. These questions are mostly about the customer’s experience at the Buffalo Wild wings.

stores as well as their feedback on the quality of food and more. The customer must answer honestly for the benefit of the store and their own to get good quality.

food at the shops. After answering the questions, a few additional contact details are required in order to receive the coupon prizes.

After following through with these steps, the page will give the survey taker a code. Write that code down on the Buffalo.

Wild Wings receipt and take it to your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings store within 14 days of receiving the code. There, you can avail the coupons that you win for your orders.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey


The rewards on the survey are coupons of either $5 or a $25 discount coupon that can be used at Buffalo Wild Wings on your next orders.

Terms & Conditions

The very first requirement for those interested in entering the survey is to be a minimum of 18 years of age. They must also be a legal resident of the United States in order to take part in the survey.

A receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings is also required to be able to take part in the survey. The receipt can be a maximum of 2 days old for the survey code to be functional.

The coupon code must be redeemed within 14 days of receiving it at any Buffalo Wild Wings store. Only one survey entry can be made per receipt survey code.

Moreover, the survey taker cannot be an employee or connected member of Buffalo Wild Wings or even a relative of any employee.

The prize is not transferable in any way. These are things that one needs to take note of before entering the survey and coupon lottery.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Survey Requirements

The participants must most definitely comply with the age and location requirements for the survey. They must also have knowledge of either English or Spanish in order to take part in the survey.

They must also have a receipt that is at most 2 days old to be able to enter the survey. They must also have access to an electronic medium such as a phone, laptop, or pc in order to take the survey quiz.

They must also have a subsequent active internet connection to take the survey. The survey participants must also provide a valid email address to be able to receive the coupons at the end of the survey.

About Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Buffalo wild wings is a famous and much-loved American fast food and sports bar chain, with its most popular dishes being their signature buffalo chicken wings.

It has stores all over the globe today over a vast number of countries.


Such a popular brand like Buffalo Wild Wings most definitely requires provisions like the customer satisfaction survey to be able to maintain their service and quality consistently even into the future.

It also comes with some good discount coupons for the customers of Buffalo wild Wings. Go ahead and take the survey today to enjoy great discounts on your next Buffalo wild wings order.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Buffalo Wild Wings Survey FAQs

  • Is purchase a must to take part in the survey?

Answer – Yes, since a receipt is required, a purchase is necessary.

  • Can the coupons be redeemed as cash?

Answer – No, the coupons can only be availed as discounts on orders at Buffalo Wild Wings stores.

  • How long does the discount code last?

Answer – About 14 days. Redeem within that period.

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