Survey – $500 Gift Card – Giant Foods food company have been in the Retail industry for almost 90 years now, and in this time span, Giant Eagle has bagged a number of achievements. It ranked 21st on the basis of sales in the list of Top 75 North American Fast Food. Survey – Giant Foods Survey

Giant Foods has grown to gave almost 470 stores thereby majorly serving the areas of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Indiana. If you generally shop at Giant Foods or in any case have recently shopped at any Giant Foods store then save your receipt. You must have heard of the Survey announced by Giant Eagle. Survey - $500 Gift Card

All a customer has to do is place feedback that is supposed to be genuine and honest. Have you recently done any shopping from Giant Foods? Giant Foods is now a day giving a good offer to their customers taking the survey a chance to win $500.

The customers have to only place their opinion of their last visit to the Giant Foods store on the website provided by the company and can easily earn $500 which they can use on their next visit to the Giant Foods store for more shopping. Rewards

The company Giant Foods was, first of all, started as a retail (grocery)shop. Further, the chain was increased and it started dealing with many other items and made it a superstore. Giant Foods nowadays deals with various products such as Bakery, Dairy, Meat, Pharmacy, Seafood, Snacks, Liquor, Lottery tickets, Dry ice, Prepared food, etc. There are around 500 stores of Giant Foods and around 45000 employees work in all of the stores.

About GiantFoods is a website created by the company for their customers to place their opinion and feedback about the services they have experienced at the store on their last visit to Giant Foods. The customers have to place their honest opinion so that the management members can easily make the changes in the services or any other problems that the customers are currently facing with the store on their visit to Giant Foods.

Rules and Regulations to take the Giant Foods Survey

If you after reading the above details feel like taking the Giant Foods Survey then these are some rules every participant need to abide by:

  • The participant who takes part in the survey should be more than 18 years or older.
  • One customer can take part only one time on one receipt.
  • The participant has to follow all the rules as given on the website.
  • The employee member of Giant Foods or their family members or the management members cannot place the survey.
  • The receipt or the bill of the last visit to the Giant Foods store is the main part to make the survey.
  • As the customer wins $500 he has to follow the further rules provided by the company.
  • The process should not take more time to complete the survey.
  • After you win the offer or $500 you have to keep the receipt with you on which you have placed your feedback and won $500.

Requirements to take the Giant Foods Survey

If a participant agrees to abide by all the Giant Foods Survey rules then the next step is to satisfy the below-given steps:

  • The participant should be able to read and understand English or Spanish language.
  • The participant should be able to recall his experience about the last visit to the Giant Foods store.
  • The participant should have a gadget such as a smartphone, laptop, or a computer to which the internet can be connected.
  • A reliable internet connection is required to take the survey.
  • The participant must have a valid mobile number or a valid email address on which he can easily get the prize after placing the survey.
  • If you are ready with the above rules and requirements you are ready to place the survey. Just go with the given procedure make the survey and win $500.

Procedure for the Giant Foods Survey

Follow the below-given steps to take the Survey:

  • First of all, visit the website i.e. on the portal.
  • Enter the coupon code printed on your receipt of the last visit to the Giant Foods store.
  • Follow the further rules as per the portal.
  • Some questions will be asked to you about the experience of your last visit to the Giant Foods store.
  • Answer all the questions honestly asked to you in the survey.
  • After completing all the answers at last a valid mobile number or a valid email address will be asked of you on which you will get $500.
  • Enter your valid mobile number or valid email address and press the submit button.
  • As you press the submit button you have completed your survey and you can now win $500 which you can redeem as per the rules made by the Giant Foods management.


The content was all about the Giant Foods survey. It’s very easy to make the Giant Foods survey on the website created by the company and win $500 which you can redeem on your next visit as per the rule. Thanks for giving your valuable time and reading this content by which you have got the knowledge how to make Giant Foods survey and easily win $500.

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