Zaxby’s survey – My Zaxby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zaxby’s survey – Zaxbyslistens If Chicken is something you always crave for then we are sure Zaxby’s must be on your list always. How about earning a Free Big Zax Snak!

Zaxby's survey - My Zaxby's Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zaxby’s survey – My Zaxby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Zaxby’s now invites its customers to come and share their opinion about their experiences at Zaxby’s and by doing so you can win exciting prizes.

We on this page will help you with the details required to take the survey like eligibility criteria, guidelines for the survey, requirements, and a detailed procedure so as to simplify your task.

Also, we will help on how you can redeem your rewards at Zaxby’s.

Zaxby's survey - My Zaxby's Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zaxby’s Guest Experience Survey

Zaxby’s now prints a survey code on their recent receipt, so if you have recently visited Zaxby’s then check on your receipt you may have an invitation.

Zaxby’s wants its customers to share their candid feedback which is the basis of Zaxby’s listening to survey.

The feedback data collected helps in measuring customer satisfaction levels and also in analyzing its plans and strategies.

This analysis highlights the loopholes and helps in amending the plans on the basis of feedback to provide customers a better experience on their future visit to Zaxby’s restaurant.

Zaxby’s has created a website to make it simpler for the participants and thus saves a lot of their time and effort.

A questionnaire has been designed that contains questions on the areas that directly affect customer experiences and satisfaction levels.

Generally, the questions are about food, services, management, staff behavior, ambiance, aroma, etc.

On successful completion of the survey, Zaxby’s as a token of appreciation gives its customer a Free Big Zax Snak. You can redeem this coupon on any of your next visits to Zaxby’s restaurant.

Zaxby's survey - My Zaxby's Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zaxby’s Listens to Rules, Regulations, and Requirements

Zaxby’s have stated rules and requirements clearly to make your survey hustle free and a list of such is as mentioned below:

  • Solely legal residents of the United States are valid to take Zaxby’s survey only if they have attained the age of 18.
  • A receipt from Zaxby’s is mandatory for survey participation.
  • The receipt from Zaxby’s is valid for 14 days and thus survey must be taken within that time period.
  • The rewards from Zaxby’s cannot be converted to cash nor can be transferred.
  • The rewards earned through Zaxby’s listens must be redeemed in 30 days of time at Zaxby’s restaurant.
  • A computer, mobile, etc. are required to take the survey through Zaxby’s online website.
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish is a must to complete Zaxby’s survey successfully.
  • Employees of Zaxby’s and their families are not eligible to participate in the survey as this would hamper the genuineness of opinion.

Zaxby’s Listens to Survey Step by Step Procedure

Zaxby’s listens to survey procedure is user-friendly and thus you just have to follow the below-given procedure in mentioned series:

  • First, visit the official website of Zaxby’s guest satisfaction survey i.e.
  • Now select a language for your Zaxby’s listens to survey from the given options.
  • Enter receipt details like survey code, date and time, etc. from your Zaxby’s receipt on hand.
  • Click on the Start button, to begin with, your actual question answered with Zaxby’s.
  • Start answering the questions in series and try to completely give feedback. Your feedback is a reflection of your experience with Zaxby’s.
  • Don’t bluff with your answers as your candid feedback will only help Zaxby’s achieve desired survey results.
  • Once done with these ratings next step is to enter your personal information which includes your name, address, contact information i.e. mobile number and valid Email Id.
  • Submit your feedback in no time you will receive your validation code, copy this code and carry along on your next visit to Zaxby’s restaurant.
  • Enjoy your Free Big Zax Snak!

Zaxby's survey - My Zaxby's Guest Satisfaction Survey


Zaxby’s is an American fast-casual restaurant chain and Chicken varieties are its specialties. Zaxby’s was founded in 1990 and in 31 years has grown to have 900+ locations.

Many of these locations are self-owned and the rest are franchised. Zaxby’s has its headquarters in Athens, Georgia, United States.

Zaxby’s serve the areas of the United States and majorly the southern areas.


This was a quick guide about Zaxby’s listen-to survey and we hope this data was enough for you to take the survey and win your exciting free rewards.

You may also have had a negative experience but feel free to share that but be genuine with your feedback.

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